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Renew & Rejuvenate Anti-Aging Meditation


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I’m with you to ensure you have everything you need to make self-care a simple part of your lifestyle.

What if I told you that there’s an internal tool you probably haven’t tried yet, and it can make your body feel and look 13 years younger?

Would you want to know what it is?  

It might sound crazy but it isn’t.  We all have two ages. Our biological age and our chronological age.  Our biological age is the age measured by our blood sugar levels, our blood pressure, how well we see or hear.  Basically how well our body performs for us. And our chronological age is the age measured by the amount of candles on your birthday cake.  

Now, you can’t control your chronological age.  But your biological age is something that you can definitely control to slow down aging and in just a moment I’ll tell you how…

In 2016, I was running my Awaken Love Yoga Teacher Training in the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy (truly one of the most breathtaking places on earth) and one of my students, a woman from Norway came to me with an unexpected question … 

Can yoga be used as a tool for anti-aging and radiant skin?

Another woman who joined the training from NYC was burned out from her corporate job and had been deeply struggling with depression for years. She wanted to find a way to re-energize herself, keep this energy and ultimately activate her best self.

And In 2017 I was faced with an opportunity to uplevel… I was given the honour to  became the official Reiki Instructor for the largest Yoga Conference in North America. Being a teacher is my calling and I love it so deeply it’s hard to express in words. But the challenge of attuning hundreds of Reiki students over four days was overwhelming. I was concerned about being drained and not being able to offer all the energy that I wanted to.

I knew I needed to do something … and something big! 

I tapped into my training to re-discover something I’ve known for a long time; that the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Yogic Science re-births and re-aligns us with our vital energy.  The incredible effects it offers allows you to renew, rejuvenate and brighten your radiance, especially when done daily as a practice. It was exactly what I needed to get through the training at the conference and also an answer both of  my students requests.  

So I created the Renew & Rejuvenate Anti-aging Meditation Course 

It’s one of the most powerful and accessible  programs I’ve offered and I’m thrilled to share it with you.  

Whether you’re in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s YOU NEED this special course as part of your anti-aging regimen.  After all anti-aging care starts from within. A Lot of times we’re sold the latest cream or serum, but the power of Yogic Science is the BEST way reverse time and activate your radiance.  

It’s designed around a compelling daily meditation that only takes three minutes to complete. Done over 40 days, it will absolutely amplify the nourishing results of your Ultimate Self-Care Kit

The Renew & Rejuvenate Meditation Course includes

  • The Anti Aging Meditation to brighten your radiance
  • ​The Meditation to get out of Depression
  • ​A Meditation for cultivating a calm heart and Harmonious Relationships
  • ​The Self-Care Breath Kriya
  • ​Activating Self-worth Prosperity Meditation for Self Esteem and Self Love
  • ​Breathing exercises for Spiritual awakening
  • ​And one of my personal favorites the Meditation for increased energy to Prevent and Recover from Burnout

​And it’s FULLY backed by my 60-day NO questions asked money back guarantee.

​I’ve seen life-changing results time and time again both personally and in the lives of thousands of others I’ve worked with. I want that for you and that’s why I created this course.

​If you want to amplify the results of your Ultimate Self-care kit add the Renew & Rejuvenate Anti-aging Meditation Course now to ensure that you have everything you need to make self-care a lifelong success strategy.​

​For today only I’m giving you a special discount of 75% off so you’ll only pay just  $37

All you have to do now is click the “Yes, Upgrade My Order” button below!  

All you have to do now is click the “Yes, Upgrade My Order” button below!  

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