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The Cultivating Heart Space Program


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You’re in the right place, right on time and I’m grateful to be on this journey to well being with you.

I want to make sure you get absolutely stunning results from your ultimate self-care kit!

One incredible thing that happens when you start truly caring for yourself is that you begin to cultivate a space of love within and around you. 

Did you know that science can now measure the magnetic field of the heart through an EKG?  

And the energy field of the heart is 60 to 100 times larger than the brain!  

Have you ever noticed how you feel so good around some people or why you may feel drained or agitated around others? 

The heart’s magnetic field is where energetic communication happens. 

Just like a magnet, this field will attract your heart’s desires. When you cultivate heart space it emits a signature essence that calls in deeper purpose, abundance, romantic love, success and more. 

When you’re in resonance with your heart, people feel it. 

This power the ancient ones have revered for thousands of years and now you can have it.  

In The Cultivating Heart Space Program you’ll receive:

  • The Intro to creating from love Video
  • Your very own Course Practices & Tools PDF
  • Inspiring Journal or as I like to call it, Playbook
  • Abundant Heart Activation Mediation 
  • The Creating a Space of Love Guided Meditation
  • Kundalini Mediation Video Series


  • My signature Reiki Flow and Glow Yoga Class to get your energy flowing!

You can accelerate the nourishing power of your self-love and the transformational results of the Ultimate Self-care kit by owning this course.

This is a one-time special offer that you won’t see again. 

This is fully backed by my 60-day NO questions asked money back guarantee. 

All you have to do now is click the “Yes, Upgrade My Order” button below!  

All you have to do now is click the “Yes, Upgrade My Order” button below!  

All you have to do now is click the “Yes, Upgrade My Order” button below!  

I can’t wait to guide you into this one of a kind program that’s a very special next level addition to the Ultimate Self-Care Kit.  

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